Living Your Passion

  What are the activities that you never get bored of?  What are the things that you could work on all night without glancing at the clock?  These are your passions.  My mother always told me, “Everything is hard work, so you might as well do something you enjoy.” She is right; in an ideal world, we would not waste time working somewhere that does not inspire us.

Sticking with the New Year Mindset

Coach PaulCongratulations! If you are like most people, then you began your new year with a resolution to improve your physical health. So that means that you should have spent your January doing things like eating healthier foods, getting more exercise, and enjoying life’s small pleasures.

29 Fries

Coach PaulIt appears now that this Great Recession that we thought would be ending soon might be lasting longer than expected. This means more challenging and sometimes painful experiences for us and our neighbors as we struggle to keep our homes and businesses afloat.

Never Dig a One-Person Foxhole

Coach PaulWhen I was going through Marine officer training, one of the things we had to do was learn how to dig foxholes. For those of you not familiar with military traditions, a foxhole is a pit that combat troops dig to give them shelter from enemy attacks. My training course occurred in northern Virginia, during the summer, when it was not only hot, but humid. So digging anything was not fun.

Good Leadership in Challenging Times

Coach PaulHello Everyone: Please forgive the apparent silence, but we have been dealing with a trojan virus that made it impossible to post new blogs. I have an exciting series of parenting blogs coming your way for December, so stay tuned for those.

A Historic Agreement

Coach PaulI never thought the day would come when I would ever agree with something that Jesse Jackson said. But I suppose that hell got a little colder this week, because, for once, he and I are of the same mind.

Exercise IS Medicine - Exercise & Weight Loss, Part 2 of 3

Coach PaulYesterday we talked about the discouragement that most people feel when they decide to start exercising to loose unwanted pounds and it doesn't seem to work. Today we're going to find out why.

First, let's start with some facts:

Exercise IS Medicine - Exercise and Weight Loss, Part 1 of 3

Coach PaulThe number one reason that most people start a new exercise program is to lose weight. They've either become tired of making excuses for the fat they've been slowly gaining around their bellies, thighs, or arms or their doctors have told them that they need to shed some pounds for health reasons.

Exercise IS Medicine – Getting Started

Welcome to the first post in our series devoted to improving your physical health. We will be using information provided to us by the Exercise IS Medicine campaign.

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