Coach PaulIt appears now that this Great Recession that we thought would be ending soon might be lasting longer than expected. This means more challenging and sometimes painful experiences for us and our neighbors as we struggle to keep our homes and businesses afloat. It is very easy during times like these to only see the bad and to miss the good, so I’d like to share with you a story I shared recently with one of my sons, it’s called 29 Fries.

Imagine that it’s dinner time and you have just picked up your order from your favorite fast food restaurant (if you don’t eat fast food, then substitute the menu items in this story for something healthier). Your mouth is nearly salivating over the tantalizing aroma coming from your food. You take it back to your table, sit down, give thanks for your meal (unless you’re a pagan), and then prepare to dig in. As you are savoring that first delicious bite of your burger, you look down to grab some fries from your plate. You notice that out of the pile of 30 sizzling, golden fries, 1 of them is burnt.

Aw man! What do you do? Do you focus all of your energy and attention on that 1 burnt fry? Do you stop eating and break out your mobile phone and start calling or texting all of your friends to tell them about that 1 burnt fry? Do you send out a tweet or update your Facebook status to let your entire social network know that you received 1 burnt fry?  Do you let that 1 burnt fry become the center of your universe?

Or do you simply toss it aside and enjoy the other 29 fries that are crispy and tasty? Do you put that 1 burnt fry in perspective and continue to finish and enjoy the rest of your meal?

The challenges we face in life are like that 1 burnt fry. How you choose to deal with that 1 burnt fry will have a direct effect on your quality of life. And make no mistake about it; it is a choice that you make. You can choose to focus on the few things that make you sad or angry (the 1 fry) or you can choose to take pleasure in the many things that make you happy and feel good (the 29 fries). For every challenge you face, the choice is yours to make.

So what’s it going to be? When bad things happen to you, what are you going to choose? 1 burnt fry or 29 good ones? I hope you choose the 29 good ones every time; because if you do, you will learn to see that no matter how difficult things may be for us right now, there are still a lot of good things going on in our lives.

Warmest Regards,

Coach Paul

“And if your home is just another place where you’re a stranger, and far away is just somewhere you’ve never been. I hope that you’ll remember, I am your friend.” – Rich Mullins

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