As advancing individuals, we are constantly coming up with ideas.  Whether you are a business person finding a new direction for your company or a parent looking for a new family activity, you are being creative.  Even cooking an exotic dish or taking a different route home from work are creative moments. I am sure you know the excitement that comes with having that fresh idea.  I am sure you are also familiar with the feeling you get when someone you care about tells you your idea is stupid or worthless. This is what I call a Creative Assault.

Creative assault is nothing to push aside. A single instance of creative assault can have devastating effects. When you add up a lifetime of creative assaults, it can get even more serious.  Not only does it inhibit your creative growth but it can also hurt your self image. Unfortunately, many people go through life brushing off these assaults or even worse, believing they are true.  

I spend a lot of time with clients reversing the effects of creative assault. One of my most rewarding experiences, as a life coach, is to watch a person begin to believe in their creative process again.  Helping them overcome the fear of rejection and regain their self confidence has a massive positive rippling effect in their lives.

Here are some steps for you to take to begin your healing process:

  1. Recognize your creative moments, both large and small, and know that these are essential moments for your growth and improvement.
  2. Recognize when people react negatively to those creative moments, even when they have mixed reactions like, “That was good, but...”
  3. Do not allow those naysayers to enter into your creative process and recognize that their opinions are biased and untrue.
  4. Find people that are positive and support your creative process.
  5. Reward and celebrate your creative moments.   

Step 4 is the most important part of the healing process.  Without adding positive support to counteract the negative accumulation of creative assault, your efforts to heal will be more difficult.  Having a supportive fan club that honor and celebrate your creativity will give you that extra-boost of positive energy.

Keep you eyes open to your surroundings and relationships and protect your creative process.  It is such a vital element of your personal success and happiness. With this new knowledge you are well on your way to releasing yourself from any negative restraints that once held you back.  Its time to regain your creativity and turbo-charge your progress.