Around 50% of all divorces result from some kind of infidelity. High profile infidelity cases are constantly surfacing. So while we are waiting for the next scandal, lets acknowledge that this doesn’t just happen to celebrities.  We have all witnessed in some way or another the consequences of an affair. We are all familiar with the anger, sadness, fear, and blame it evokes. Even if you are in a trusting relationship now, these emotions could still be lingering from a past experience and being dragged into your current relationship. Lets break it down.
As a life coach, I have dealt with many cases of infidelity from both sides of the equation. I have a few tools for you to use to help you through this difficult time.  First, never blame yourself for your partners actions.  I hear people doing this all the time: “maybe if I was more attractive,” or “if I had paid more attention he/she would not have cheated on me.” The reality is that it was their decision to cheat and you must relieve yourself of the blame so that you can clear the path to recover from this emotional concussion.
Most importantly, talking with a professional life coach provides the necessary tools you need to successfully navigate through this transition. With the support of a life coach and a strong network of friends and family the anger, sadness, fear, and pain can be surpassed.  Remember that “Weeping may endure in the night, but the joy comes in the morning.”