Have you ever said yes to something when the rational answer is no?  I’m not talking about reckless decision making; I am talking about that undeniable feeling you have that something is right when everyone else says you’re crazy! That’s intuition and it’s a mysterious and powerful force.  
In our modern society, logic and facts rule. There are many people that will not value your decisions based on intuition, but this should not discourage you. Many of the visionary leaders of the past and present have made decisions based on intuition and they had the courage to believe in their ideas; this is what I call the courage to lead.
Richard Branson the Chairman of the Virgin Group has been known for his eccentric style of leadership.  Despite all of his critics, he has turned a small record label into a massive multi-faceted corporation. He says, “For me, business is not about wearing suits or keeping stockholders pleased. It's about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials." Learn to listen to your intuition, have the courage to stand by your convictions, and turn them into reality.