Coach PaulWhat are the activities that you never get bored of?  What are the things that you could work on all night without glancing at the clock?  These are your passions.  My mother always told me, “Everything is hard work, so you might as well do something you enjoy.” She is right; in an ideal world, we would not waste time working somewhere that does not inspire us.


 As a life coach, I have worked with countless clients who are not pursuing their passions.  Henry David Thoreau said, “Most [people] lead lives of quiet desperation....” This may be true, but there is something you can do about it. I do not recommend quitting your job today. Most of us have families and people that depend on us. However, if your career does not allow you to incorporate your passion into it, then you might want to consider a career change.

In my job, as a life coach, I have helped thousands of people create specific life-plans to achieve their goals and live their passions. One of my clients wanted to be an NBA star. It was a nice dream, but it was not grounded in reality. I suggested instead that he start coaching a high-school basketball team to integrate his passion into his everyday life.  A short time later, he was a changed man. He found a way to fulfill his passion for basketball by inspiring young athletes with his love for the game. Break free from your life of quiet desperation. Identify your passion and find a way to live it.  

Warmest Regards,

Coach Paul

“And if your home is just another place where you’re a stranger, and far away is just somewhere you’ve never been. I hope that you’ll remember, I am your friend.” – Rich Mullins

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