Coach PaulCongratulations! If you are like most people, then you began your new year with a resolution to improve your physical health. So that means that you should have spent your January doing things like eating healthier foods, getting more exercise, and enjoying life’s small pleasures. Keep it up; the long-term results will be worth the short-term effort and soon you’ll find it becomes less of a chore and more of something that you really love and can’t do without.

We all know that regular exercise has certain benefits attached to it, but one of the questions that I get asked a lot is, which is better, working out in a gym or participating in some kind of sports activity? For a long time, no one had a definitive answer to that question. But thanks to a group of researchers in Finland (Rinne, Pasanen, Miilumpalo, and Malkia, 2010), we now have an answer.

When it comes to improving motor ability−the ability to move the different parts of your body in a coordinated and skillful manner−participating in sports activities gives you better results than just working out in a gym.

So, if your new year’s resolution includes working out in your local gym, that’s a great start! I would also invite you to seriously consider adding some kind of sports activity to your exercise program, like badminton, volleyball, basketball, golf, soccer, or even ping-pong. This will help you maintain and gradually improve your muscle coordination and motor abilities and provide an added boost to your overall physical health.

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Coach Paul

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