Are You Living on Autopilot?

Coach Paul

A pattern of behavior can become so habitual that one barely notices anymore what it prompts one to do. One feels automatically, thinks automatically and acts automatically.

~ Martine Batchelor

More than two-thirds of us are living and working on autopilot, according to even the most conservative estimates.

An Independence Day Commitment to Freedom

Coach PaulOn this day in 1776, a group of brave souls formally declared its independence from the then superpower of the world, Great Britain. Even though we moderns have this arrogant tendency of deconstructing the contributions of everyone who lived before us, I would ask us to suspend that impulse today.

Have You Developed an Immunity to Change?

Coach PaulIt doesn’t matter whether your goal is to lose 5 or 50 pounds, quit smoking or stop drinking. New Year’s resolutions and other goals are hard to keep beyond the first month.

How to Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

Coach PaulIn America, the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving and ends when we welcome in the New Year. Depending on where you live, this season is marked by trees colored with beautiful orange, gold, and red leaves; sidewalks covered in frosty, white snow; or beaches warmed by soothing sunshine.

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