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Team-Building Workshop Program Information

Paul Edward, has been certified by POST to facilitate team-building workshops for California law enforcement leaders.

The Team-Building Workshop process consists of 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Needs Analysis and Program Design (8 hours)
  • Phase 2: Workshop Delivery (24 hours)
  • Phase 3: Follow-Up (8 hours)

During Phase 1, Edward works with the designated members from the department to identify specific challenges that the agency is dealing with or specific issues that need to be addressed. Dr. Edward then designs a workshop agenda and program that will enable department team members to resolve said challenges and issues and strengthen the leadership team.

During Phase 2, Edward facilitates a 3-day workshop in which challenges or issues are discussed and plans are made to resolve those challenges or issues. In some cases, challenges or issues may be resolved during the workshop, but in most cases, the workshop involves developing action plans for resolving the challenges or issues after the workshop is over.

During Phase 3, Edward contacts the department representatives to discuss progress made toward implementing plan developed during the workshop. During this phase, Dr. Edward provides feedback and guidance for ensuring that plans get completed and challenges or issues get resolved.

The POST Team-Building Workshop is designed to address specific challenges or issues that departments are working with, so no two workshops will be alike, even for the same agency. Each agenda will be based on the department’s specific needs, however, a sample agenda is provided below:

Sample Workshop Agenda

Day 1:

  • Identify Organizational Challenges or Issues
  • Identify Individual Leadership Styles
  • Identify Team Leadership Style Strengths and Gaps

Day 2:

  • Discuss Desired Organizational End States & Objectives
  • Small Group Breakout Sessions
  • Design Action Plans

Day 3:

  • Review Action Plans
  • Assign Responsibilities
  • Discuss Potential Barriers & Resolutions

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