"If not now, when? If not here, where?" Sir Winston Churchill

 Time, it has been said, is the coin of learning. Yet every teacher has known the frustration of losing valuable instruction time to matters of discipline, just as every student has known the frustration of losing valuable learning time to matters of discipline. Time To Teach is a comprehensive philosophy proven to restore lost time to teachers and students in a way that is simple, fair, and mutually respectful. Thousands of teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools all across America have adopted the Time To Teach philosophy to help them better manage their classrooms. Wouldn't you like to join them and learn how you too can have more "time to teach"?

The Time To Teach Training Components:

  • Firmly but fairly carrying out disciplinary actions.
  • Maintaining a keen and calm mental set for management.
  • Properly arranging and designing the classroom environment.
  • Building and maintaining strong student and teacher relationships.
  • Teaching to and enforcing rules and procedures.

"During my first two years as principal of Clark Street Elementary School, we experienced over 300 office referrals and over 150 out-of-school suspensions... This year we implemented Time to Teach and so far we have only had two office referrals in six weeks!"

John Hargrove, Principal, Clark Street Elementary, North Carolina

"I have seen a 15 point gain in math and science scores on the state standardized test, which helped our school meet its AYP/API, and I have not sent a single student to the office all year. Time To Teach has helped me successfully teach second language learners, children with ADD, ADHD, Tourettes, learning disabilities, disenfranchised youth, and impoverished students."

James Turner, Middle School Teacher, California

"Pioneer Continuation High School has our district's highest number of at-risk 11th and 12th grade students. Following Time To Teach training, we saw school suspensions drop from 39% to 18% over a three-year period, in-house suspensions cut in half, and significant increases in passing rates on the California High School Exit Exam and other student achievement measures. Overall, the school has experienced a positive, systematic cultural change."  

Elsbeth Prigmore, Principal, Pioneer Continuations High School, California

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