Coach PaulThe number one reason that most people start a new exercise program is to lose weight. They've either become tired of making excuses for the fat they've been slowly gaining around their bellies, thighs, or arms or their doctors have told them that they need to shed some pounds for health reasons.

This is great! They start out a little inconsistently at first, but soon they are working out 3 to 5 times a week. They sweat, they push themselves, and they get into an active routine. They feel better about themselves as they seem to have more energy and be less irritated and stressed out. But when they look at themselves in their mirrors, it doesn't look like any of that hard work has paid off. The fat is still there and when they step on their scales, their weight hasn't gone down.

Now they get discouraged. Slowly they start to reduce the number of days that they go to the gym. Eventually they stop going altogether. A few weeks after starting out so strong, they are back to the sedentary lifestyles that they had wanted to leave behind.

Does this story sound familiar? Perhaps it's your story. If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people across America repeat this same cycle of going from sedentary to active back to sedentary again. Why do they give up? It's simple really. The reason that most of us start new exercise programs is to lose weight. When we don't lose any weight, we figure that exercise is just a big waste of time, effort, and money. So we quit.

It's no surprise then, that this phenomenon of working out without experiencing any weight loss has fueled the myth that exercise doesn't have any value for people who are looking to lose weight.

In Part 2, we'll take a look at why this myth is not true as we explore the missing ingredient for real weight loss.

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Coach Paul

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