Coach PaulI never thought the day would come when I would ever agree with something that Jesse Jackson said. But I suppose that hell got a little colder this week, because, for once, he and I are of the same mind. For those of you who didn’t catch it, this past Wednesday, the Reverend Jesse Jackson made this typical, over-the-top statement: “You can't vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man.” Normally, I would be offended by such a bombastic declaration, but this time I found myself amazed by Jesse’s insight. You see, for a long time I’ve been struggling with an embarrassing identity issue. So Jesse’s statement on Wednesday provided me with much needed clarification.

While I believe that our healthcare system does need some fixing, even overhauling, I would vote against the current healthcare proposal in a heartbeat. Therefore, in Jesse’s world, I should no longer count myself as a black man. It turns out that Jesse’s announcement was right on target, but probably for a different reason than he thought. What Jesse didn’t know is that for the past several weeks I have been eating Activia for breakfast. And thanks to Jamie Curtis, slowly, but surely, I have been turning into a middle aged white woman. How did Jesse know?

Warmest Regards,

Coach Paul

“And if your home is just another place where you’re a stranger, and far away is just somewhere you’ve never been. I hope that you’ll remember, I am your friend.” – Rich Mullins

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