How to Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

Coach PaulIn America, the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving and ends when we welcome in the New Year. Depending on where you live, this season is marked by trees colored with beautiful orange, gold, and red leaves; sidewalks covered in frosty, white snow; or beaches warmed by soothing sunshine.

Sticking with the New Year Mindset

Coach PaulCongratulations! If you are like most people, then you began your new year with a resolution to improve your physical health. So that means that you should have spent your January doing things like eating healthier foods, getting more exercise, and enjoying life’s small pleasures.

Exercise IS Medicine - Exercise & Weight Loss, Part 2 of 3

Coach PaulYesterday we talked about the discouragement that most people feel when they decide to start exercising to loose unwanted pounds and it doesn't seem to work. Today we're going to find out why.

First, let's start with some facts:

Exercise IS Medicine - Exercise and Weight Loss, Part 1 of 3

Coach PaulThe number one reason that most people start a new exercise program is to lose weight. They've either become tired of making excuses for the fat they've been slowly gaining around their bellies, thighs, or arms or their doctors have told them that they need to shed some pounds for health reasons.

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