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An Independence Day Commitment to Freedom

Coach PaulOn this day in 1776, a group of brave souls formally declared its independence from the then superpower of the world, Great Britain. Even though we moderns have this arrogant tendency of deconstructing the contributions of everyone who lived before us, I would ask us to suspend that impulse today.

5 Steps for Overcoming Creative Assault

As advancing individuals, we are constantly coming up with ideas. Whether you are a business person finding a new direction for your company or a parent looking for a new family activity, you are being creative.n: justify;">

Make the Most of Your Space

Many people feel stuck. Whether it is money troubles or conflicts with family, friends, and co-workers, things often seem as though they are immovable. How many times have your heard yourself and others say, “There’s nothing I can do.” Well I believe that in most cases, there is.

The Power to Choose


What does power mean to you? Is it having money, control, or being famous? Yes, these things can contribute to your power but I have a different idea. As a life coach, I have helped many celebrities and CEO’s who are feeling powerless. Strange isn’t it?

Living Your Passion

  What are the activities that you never get bored of?  What are the things that you could work on all night without glancing at the clock?  These are your passions.  My mother always told me, “Everything is hard work, so you might as well do something you enjoy.” She is right; in an ideal world, we would not waste time working somewhere that does not inspire us.

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