Exercise IS Medicine – Getting Started

Welcome to the first post in our series devoted to improving your physical health. We will be using information provided to us by the Exercise IS Medicine campaign.

Response to Recent Time Magazine Article

Some of you may have read the recent feature article in Time magazine that claimed that exercise, contrary to the research with which we're all familiar, is not an effective health tool, particularly as it pertains to weight loss.

Pens and Faith

Does buying pens and other office supplies have anything to do with faith? I didn't think so until last night. In these challenging economic times when dollars are scarce, it's easy to give in to the fear that surrounds us. That fear often masks itself as “caution” and tempts us to hoard rather than spend.

Unmasking Your True Avocation

In yesterday’s blog, I covered a few of the challenges you may face as you venture into pursuing an avocation, and I suggested ways to sidestep or overcome those obstacles. Yet there is one more common challenge to watch out for, one that goes back to your Life Code and your identity: resistance from an unintentionally masked personality.

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