Moving Forward

A life vision is different than a fantasy in that it is achievable given your gifts and the reality of the world around you.

A fantasy is a dream or a vision that is unlikely to come true. Based on your own limitations or the world's limitations, a fantasy will never be transformed into a reality.

For example, if I am terrible at playing basketball, a dream or life vision of playing in the NBA would be a fantasy. It is not grounded in what is possible or real, so no matter what plan I follow to achieve it, it is highly unlikely to come true.

Don't worry! A fantasy can be tweaked and adjusted into an achievable vision. I often work with my clients to help them differentiate between life visions and fantasies and then to remake their fantasies into realistic, achievable life visions. One of my clients who wanted to play in the NBA (a fantasy for him, given his height and talents and age) ended up coaching high school basketball and loving it.